Thursday, March 6, 2008

plus she smells

so, this is a description of a facebook group dedicated to hating ayn rand. it made me laugh

Not talented enough to be an artist, not rigorous enough to be a philosopher, Ayn Rand -- cult figure of liberatarians, fascists, and rationally self-interested white middle-class middleschoolers and insecure college students everywhere -- is the most overrated pulp novelist in the history of intellectual sophistry and the biggest fucker since Cato to have an Institute named after her.
It's not enough that, in addition to being hideously ugly, she is wrong, but that she wants everyone else to be wrong with her, just as she wants everyone to have experienced her horrible childhood in Stalinist Russia.
Ayn Rand represents the worst excesses of the modern age and the figurehead of contemporary American cryptofascism.

ok good to get that out there. will post real blog soon, working on a piece about homosexuality inspired by recent visit to campus by total asshat robert gagnon. also piece about combative epistemology. word

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