Friday, February 29, 2008

Yeah, I know

so the question you have to ask is not why i have returned to blogging. I was always gonna come back eventually. I mean seriously, how long could I stay away? Well apparently longer then i thought I could, because I have been away from this blogging game for a few months now. Thus why the question you should actually be asking yourself is what took me so long? Honestly, I stopped reading other people's blogs. just stopped. no offense to all of your blogs, but I just got tired of them. nothing really drawing me in, and seriously I have had so much reading and such difficult reading I am just not surprised I haven't had the time to blog.
but what drew back to this blog is actually a blog I have been reading. it is not the best blog ever, but it is one that i find very meaningful for me. Joe hardcore has his own blog now . Seriously, who saw that coming? not me thats for sure. but he does, and I read it often, or at least as often as he updates it which is not often enough. Joe is not what i would call eloquent, but he has a way of expressing things that really appeals to me. mostly because i identify with so much of what he writes, while still finding other aspects so alien and other to my experience they are fascinating. I have known Joe for like, well over a decade now. since he was in LTD at least. maybe 13 years or so. not super well of course, but have known him in some way. maybe we are neighbors in a sense, though we do not live near each other, but we see each other about as regularly as people who don;t live next door but maybe a few blocks away.
anyway i find his blog interesting and it has encouraged me to feel comfortable writing again.
Another catalyst has been that my academic career has been going rather well and I want to work on my writing. Of course, this is not the best venue because I often type poorly and use terrible grammar. However, I am going to attempt to write these posts out ahead of time and actually edit them. i simply have too much in my head and too much needed practice writing. I have tried keeping a journal, but I think this is more for me write about less personal things from now on. different thoughts and concepts that come to me during my studies. granted, I may just find myself too busy to write and abandon this in a week. but I also have not actually told anyone, officially speaking, that this blog is up and running again. so no one may notice, and if so i will find that mostly a blessing. so if you have found this keep it under your hat. if people do start to read again, good for them. however, I am simply going to focus on what i want to write about, and audience be damned.
well the hour is late and I am in need of rest and relaxation so i am off to lay down my weary head. hopefully this is the first of many more posts to come.

oh and, i mean, it is leap year. so that's something right?

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